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SYMT is a company specialized in researching and developing advanced materials. From the beginning of the establishment, SYMT had been a technology-oriented company and strived with all works for customers tailored high-performance materials. Specially, high performance squeegee blades used for floor scrubber machine had been recognized by worldwide customers for their excellent wear-resistant and oil-resistant properties. SYMT will continue to provide customers with the most competitive products.


SYMT gathered a group of materials experts that love scientific research, and strive to apply the most excellent materials to the most suitable areas.


In addition to the pursuit of the ultimate formula, SYMT also pay attention to the continuous improvement in the process, considering energy conservation and environment protection.


Based on the traditional management, SYMT encourage institutional innovation to provide customers best service with the most lean process .


Wear-resistant squeegee blades

Through nano macromolecular modification, the conbination of low hardness and wear-resistant nature rubber material was realized with excellent water pick up performance and long working life.

Oil-resistant squeegee blades

Using independent developed of liquid rubber material, the squeegees showed very good resistance to the different kind of oil, chemicals, and are widely used in machine processing plants, food plants, medical institutions and other demanding floor environment

Ordinary rubber squeegee blades

This kind of squeegee was developed based on the ACR material that can be applied to most types of the floor, and is a cost-effective squeegee product

How to choose squeegee blades?


If the squeegee is too hard, the assembly would also hard to be pressed, the squeegee and the ground can not form a good angle. When the squeegee is too soft, it is easily to be sucked in by the negative pressure. Moderate hardness ensures good wiping performance

Wear resistance

The better the abrasion resistance of the material, the longer the service life of the squeegee. SYMT uses ultra-high molecular weight nano-curing agent, making the material has excellent property of wear resistance, especially in wet abrasion environment.


The better the resilience of the material, the more quickly for squeegee to restore the original shape, so that the assembly parts always keep a high vapor pressure

Tear resistance

Because the squeegees have many holes in the structure, during the working process, the squeegee would be easily destoryed from these places if the material not have enough tear strength.

Sharp edge

No matter what kind of the material, if the edges of the squeegees have flash, burr defects, would be resulting in leakage, affecting the efficiency of washing machine. Sharp and tidy trimming is the basic guarantee of efficient work

Oil resistance

For oily factory or supermarket floor, the traditional rubber material is easy to be swelled and deformed, resulting leak of water. In these cases, oil-resistant squeegee blades are needed.

Why SYMT squeegee is different?

1. Working with the domestic first-class research institutes, SYMT improved the squeegee materials through advaced macromolecular nano-curing agent. SYMT squeegee performes much better than ordinary vulcanized rubber on wear resistance.

2. Material experts in SYMT are good at applicaton innovation of new material. The oil-resistant squeegee blades is a good example of using very different material to abtain outstanding properties. The experienced SYMT experts can quickly develop new products meeting the different customers' requirements.

3. Pay attention to details is one of the SYMT core values. All of the SYMT squeegee blades are made with accurate dimensions and sharp edges to provide custmer very different using experience.

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